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Routine Service for Fire Extinguishers in San Diego

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Extinguishers are an important part of any building’s lineup of safety equipment, but it’s crucial that these devices stay in proper working condition. The first step in this maintenance regimen is annual inspection and recharging, but you should also arrange for testing every few years to ensure optimal functionality. FireWatch has served San Diego as a fire extinguisher service company since 1994, and we can make sure you’re ready in the event of a blaze.

Complete Inspections for Your Devices

Inspection of your extinguishers involves several steps, and the first one is a monthly visual verification that every device is full and in its proper location with no obstructions, damage or broken seals. This is followed up with an annual examination of crucial components like safety pins, valves and triggers. If the amount of firefighting agent is found to be unsatisfactory, this is when you would arrange for fire extinguisher refill service.

Professional Testing Services Available

As long as you keep up with the prescribed annual maintenance regimen, your equipment should retain functionality, but there are also additional tests that should be performed every few years. Depending on the extinguisher’s contents, it’s crucial to arrange for hydrostatic testing at regular intervals. If your extinguisher uses water, carbon dioxide or other wet materials, this is recommended every five years, whereas dry agents only need pressure tests at increments of 12 years.

Keep Your Equipment in Working Order

If you rely on extinguishers as part of your safety equipment, contact FireWatch for refilling and other regular service options throughout the San Diego area. To get started on your recommended maintenance schedule or learn more about our fire extinguisher cabinets and other products, give us a call at 619-299-3473 today.